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Mechanical Breakdown Protection

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Mechanical Breakdown Protection

AvantaGuard Mechanical Breakdown Protection coverage protects your vehicle through a nationwide network of authorized repair facilities with a convenient credit card system that pays for claims directly to the repair facility. With AvantaGuard you can decide on the coverage that fits your style of driving and the deductible that fits your family budget. You can ensure that your vehicle will always be there for you by protecting your investment with AvantaGuard Mechanical Breakdown Protection.

Features of Mechanical Breakdown Protection

Premium auto warranty coverage for new and used vehicles.


(stated component plan)
Covers: engine, transmission, water pump, fuel pump, drive axle, transfer unit, and seals & gaskets.

Core Plus

(stated component plan)
Includes: Core coverage, braking system, electrical system, air conditioning, fuel & injection system, steering system, heating & cooling, suspension, hybrid components.


(exclusionary coverage)
Covers: the cost of all mechanical repairs to a covered vehicle except those listed under Exclusions.
All plans include: